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Knock knock. Who's there?

Oh, don't get deep on us. We have answers to questions you may have while using doodlelogue. For anything more academic, click on the little grey strip at the bottom left and write us your query. We'll get back to you at the soonest.

I have more than one child. Can I organise art and craft for each one?

More the merrier. Go to 'My doodlelogue' box - 'Doodler' has a link next to it 'Add'. Click on that. Or go to 'Add doodler' which appears as a drop down under your username - put in the name of your precious little one, and voila! Then keep adding more doodlers as and when you like.

How else can I segregate all the doodles and videos?

So, you're like us - OCD happy.

Yes, you can do so right while uploading a doodle or a video where you'll see an option of different categories - Art, Craft, Letters/Cards, Home videos, Competitions/Recitals, Birthdays, Listen and Too cute to describe (our fave). Choose the one you wish and you can view the doodles, all in their appropriate category.

Or you could simply save it using single or multiple upload (it'll get saved under the default 'All') and categorise it later, when you have a minute ( or is that too much of an ask).

Will I know if someone has liked or commented on any of my doodlers' doodles?

Show someone a doodle of your child in the real world, and what would you hear? The same on doodlelogue.

Doodlefeed will tell you every time someone, somewhere goes 'awww' at your doodler's creativity.

And you can do the same. Click on the little illustrations below the doodles, depending on whether you wish to like, share or comment on them.

Can I invite someone to come see the doodles on my page?

Of course. In fact, they might already be using doodlelogue. You could find them by using the 'search' feature and then invite them.

If they aren't a doodleloguer yet, you can click on 'invite doodleloguer' , type in their email address and tell them to join in the fun.

Can I use doodlelogue from a mobile device?

Yes, sure. doodlelogue is responsive on mobile (Iphone, Android etc). Which means you can show off your doodler's doodles to your boss while stuck in the elevator.

Is there a doodlelogue app?

Yes, we're fancy like that. There is an android app out for you to quickly click and upload that precious selfie your 6-year old has drawn. We're working on the iphone and ipad versions.

I wish to upload a poem recital by my 4-year old. Any tips on what I should or should not do?

You can upload a video in two ways: Embed it on Youtube (which we strongly recommend) or upload it directly from your laptop or phone.

To do the former, you'll need to upload it on Youtube following the instructions on it and then copy the link on doodlelogue. One can then click on the link and applaud the adorable performance.

To upload it directly, you know how to do that.